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Beautiful Brain

One night she was talking about a show she loves.

“It's a good rhyme! ‘Molly of Denali!’... like ... Rose of Ridgemont Road!”

“Well, actually, ‘Rose’ and ‘Ridgemont Road’ are something else...”

I briefly explain alliterations.

“Oh yeah! Like ‘lovely lollipop lagoon!?’”


Today, she approached me with an idea

She needed

A scientist’s coat

Glasses (for safety)

Those little science containers



And gloves.

We might have those things around the house,

I’ll help you look.

While I


Attempt stalling for a moment

To contemplate my next move,

Her pleas intensify instantly.



I NEEED to get new science stuff!

I LOVE science more than anything in the world

And a scientist needs scientist stuff!

A scientist without science stuff is like ...

... a skunk without...its spray!

Oh please oh please oh please!!!!"


One night, she’s asking about how the first tree

Ever came about

If it came from a seed,

But how did the seed come about

With no tree



Was the first?!


One night she asks,

"Is the living room where you live

And the dining room where you



One day she says to my mom,

"Can you finish teaching me how to read,

Do math and tell time?

Then I will be able

To do everything

By myself."


One night she says,

"When I'm a Grandma, today will be the olden days... ... and I'll be like 'yeah... we used to have to drive around in cars, and fly in airplanes... that's how we had to get around... and we used to have to CARRY our phones around instead of having them built into our pants. ... yeah... it was so annoying, but I was used to it!'"



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