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Op-Ed in the Detroit Free Press

Hi Friends,

This is a little bit of a different post.

I wanted to share that I had an op-ed published in the Detroit Free Press today. The article is about true allyship, social disability, and neurodiversity. More broadly, it is also an invitation to rethink the design of existing institutions, rather than trying to superficially "include" marginalized populations in systems that weren't designed with their consent or input.

Even though I often share intimate details of my experience of mothering a PDA child, this somehow feels even more exquisitely vulnerable because it is more public. I am also more definitive about my opinions as they exist beyond the confines of my home. My nature is one of avoiding conflict and being more of a people pleaser, but I suppose having a PDA child burns that right out of you, doesn't it?

Anyways, I hope that the article is helpful to raise awareness about Pathological Demand Avoidance here in the United States and to help people think outside of the box a bit about how education systems need to change in order to accommodate PDA children who are often unable to access school or excluded due to "behavior".

Here is the link.

Please share with your networks if the message resonates with you.

Thanks for all the support and interest in PDA to all of you who read our work.

With gratitude,


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